Quizzl HTML5 Real Time Quiz Alpha release

I've finally got round to making something that has been sitting around in my brain for several years, a real-time quiz webapp.

Quizzl (http://www.quizzl.net) is a webapp written in Meteor (http://www.meteor.com) that illustrates one of my pet theories, which is that there is a place for applications that are to do with real life, as opposed to online experiences.

There are plenty of quiz applications on the net, but in general they are designed for playing online, against a machine. Quizzl requires players to be in the same room with a live quizmaster.



In other words, Quizzl is there to help people have a better real life experience, rather than provide a substitute for one. In that it provides facilities analogous to a board game rather than video game.

We'll see how it does...